Lakeshore Light Opera is gearing up for another great season!

Lakeshore Light Opera, a non-profit community theatre group, performs a fully orchestrated Gilbert & Sullivan operetta once a year with profits going to the Lakeshore General Hospital (a local hospital serving the West-Island community of Montreal) via the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. Our annual donations are used by the Foundation to purchase equipment not covered by the hospital’s budget nor by Provincial grants.



A rollicking band of soft-hearted pirates; a bumbling squad of British bobbies; a scholarly Major General and his bevy of beautiful daughters. That’s right, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance is coming to the stage in Pointe Claire.

Years ago, Frederic was mistakenly apprenticed to the Pirate King by his nursemaid Ruth. Now, as he turns 21, Frederic is returning to society to atone for the wrongs he has committed. He immediately falls in love with Mabel, one of the daughters of Major-General Stanley. When the pirate band accosts Stanley’s daughters, the Major-General encourages Frederic to lead a troop of policemen to destroy the scoundrels. But an ingenious paradox forces Frederic to betray his beloved Mabel and return to his pirate ways.  The subsequent battle with the police leads to the pirates’ surrender until Ruth reveals that the Pirates of Penzance would make ideal sons-in-law for the Major-General.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic opera will be at the Louise Chalmers Theatre in March – don’t miss it! Tickets can be booked online here or by calling the box office at 514-804-4900.



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