Thespis 2019

The gods have grown old, they’re tired of ruling, they don’t get no respect, and the great days of human sacrifices are over. Even animal sacrifices have fallen off, and are now reduced to (gasp!) tins of Spam! Why? They haven’t a clue.

Enter a gaggle of actors who just happen to be picnicking on the slopes of Olympus. The gods decide to do a little market research below while taking a much needed holiday, so they conscript the actors to take their places and duties. No problem, says Thespis, the leader of the troupe, but be warned, says Jupiter, the price of failure is that Thespis “will be constituted as ‘Father of the Drama’ and held accountable for everything that every author may write for ages to come.”

Of course, as those unfit for any office quickly learn, the actors soon find their charges and duties are not as easy as they appear…. Don’t miss your chance to see the Canadian premiere of Gilbert & Sullivan’s THESPIS!

Credit: – Nov 11, 2016