Show Dates:

President: Robert Schaap
Stage Director: James Fraser
Musical Director: Marian Siminski

Dramatis Personae

Colonel Calverley Robert Schaap
Major Murgatroyd Simon Côté
Lieut. the Duke of Dunstable Jean-René Gonzalez
Reginald Bunthorne, a Fleshly Poet Jonathan Curzi
Archibald Grosvenor, an Idyllic Poet Michael Cardinal-Aucoin
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor Peter Garland
Lady Angela Fiona Chandler
Lady Saphir Heather Lewis
Lady Ella Julie Grammond
Lady Jane Janet Harris-Timms
Patience, a Dairy Maid Colleen St. James

Chorus of Rapturous Maidens

Susan Adams, Beverley Baxter, Sandra Buchanan, Rachel Buchanan, Robyn Bunch, Heather Côté, Holly Harris, Dawn Manhertz, Lindsay McLeod , Aimee Parsons, Jamie-Lee Saucier, Christina Simpson, Sarah Thorpe, Jane Tomlinson

Officers of Dragoon Guards

Martin Fairbank, Chris Gobeil, John Jacques, David Johansen, Philip Magder, Douglas Murphy, Andrew Nicholson, Doug Nicholson, Ian Temple, Brian Timms
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1. Twenty love-sick maidens.JPG
10. Yes, Patience, I am very beautiful.JPG
11. Oh, Fortune, to my aching heart be kind.JPG
12. I hear the soft note...JPG
13. They love me! Horror!.JPG
14. Loves distracting woes!.JPG
15. Sad is that woman`s lot.JPG
16. Thinking of nothing at all.JPG
17. A magnet hung in a hardware shop.JPG
18. Love is a plaintive song.JPG
19. Sing 'Booh to you'.JPG
2. Still brooding on their mad infatuation.JPG
20. It's clear that medieval art.JPG
21. If this is not exactly right....JPG
22. We are much moved.JPG
23. I am a very Narcissus!.JPG
24. Suppose I were to curse you.JPG
25. A Waterloo House young man.JPG
3. I cannot tell what this love may be.JPG
4. Ah misery!.JPG
5. A Heavy Dragoon is the residuum.JPG
6. We die for love of thee.JPG
7. Whem I first put this uniform on.JPG
8. Patience, I am pleased with thee.JPG
9. Love is of all passions the most essential.JPG